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Creative Class based on Bach's Arioso

As part of our All Things Cello Summer Course AB 2020, we held a creative class based around our ensemble piece, Bach's Arioso.

Together, we listened to a recording of the original version. This melody was originally written for the oboe so it was interesting to watch and see the orchestra all perform on baroque instruments.

We thought about how knowing that the piece was originally written for the oboe might change how we play it on the cello.

We spoke about what we imagine when we listen to the piece and how it made us feel.

We finished the class by asking our students to create their own story out of what they imagine when they listen to the piece, using any medium - whether through playing, painting, spoken word etc.

Below we have displayed some of the fantastic work they produced.

An original composition entitled "The Storm" by Sam Lewens


"Bach's Storm"

by Boyi Shao


An Origami Creation by Agatha and Arthur

Picture No 1.jpg

The fox is very pleased with the food it found in the forest.

The fox leaves the food for later and goes for a walk in the forest.

Picture No 2.jpg
Picture No 3.jpg

A pig spots the food.

And decides to eat it!

Picture No 4.jpg
Picture No 5.jpg

The fox is very unhappy with the pig!

A drawing by Todd Ayoola


A drawing by Alice Ates

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